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Four-way stop intersections are often difficult to navigate. Many drivers do not know the laws regarding four-way stops, which makes car accidents more likely to happen. In fact, there are approximately 70,000 car wrecks each year due to drivers running stop signs. A four-way stop accident can cause serious injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Victims injured in intersection accidents often suffer financial and emotional burdens, including medical bills, lost wages, vehicular damage, and pain and suffering. If a motorist is injured, they should talk to a lawyer who will help them with a personal injury claim. A lawyer will handle the legalities of the case so that the victim can focus on recovery after an accident.

What Causes Car Wrecks at Four-Way Stops?

When a driver approaches an intersection, it is crucial that they stay cautious and identify whether they are at a two-way or a four-way stop. They should also check for other drivers in the intersection and look both ways. Being aware of one’s surroundings and staying patient are important ways to prevent car accidents and subsequent injuries and lawsuits.

One common mistake that drivers make is assuming that they are at a four-way stop, when they are actually at a two-way stop. When a person assumes this, they may believe a driver will stop at a stop sign. This may lead them to dart across the street, making it difficult for the driver in oncoming traffic to stop.

Many drivers also fail to yield correctly. The general rule is that the initial person at the intersection proceeds first. However, many drivers are impatient and proceed through intersections. If both drivers advance, it could lead to a severe collision.

How Can I Establish Liability After a Four-Way Car Accident?

To establish liability, the victim should understand laws regarding four-way intersections. In New Jersey, drivers who approach stop signs must make complete stops before proceeding. Those who fail to make complete stops could pay up to $200 dollars in fines and spend 15 days in jail. A driver could also receive two points on their license for this offense.

If the four-way stop accident was caused by a negligent driver, the at-fault driver could end up paying more in damages. Motorists have a duty of care to drive safely. If that duty of care is breached, the driver is liable for the victim’s injuries, economic, and non-economic damages. A car accident victim should contact a skilled lawyer to help recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and vehicular damage.

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