$1.3 Million Win for the Falcon Law Firm, LLC

The Falcon Law Firm, LLC is excited to announce a recent win within our accomplished law group. Congratulations to Patrick L. Falcon and Alexander R. DeSevo for securing a $1.3 million dollar settlement for the victim of a tractor trailer accident. The case involved a 49-year-old woman that was struck by a large tractor trailer, causing her to have severe back and neck injuries. The driver of the tractor trailer made a careless left turn in front of the victim’s[…] Read More

What to Do When You See a Drunk Driver

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly a third of all traffic deaths are caused by drunk drivers. That means the chance of encountering a drunk driver is alarmingly high, so knowing what to do when you see a drunk driver could be lifesaving. Identifying a Drunk Driver Clues that a driver might be drunk include erratic driving, such as swerving, weaving, and tailgating, quick acceleration or sudden braking, drifting across lanes, slow response time to traffic signals,[…] Read More

Negligent Drivers

When a car accident happens, there is often one party that is clearly at-fault. Negligence must be addressed when trying to prove that one party is at-fault for the car accident. When a driver is negligent, they are evading their duty to conduct themselves in a responsible manner while driving on public roadways. A responsible driver should take all proper precautions to operate their vehicle safely and obey traffic laws. Negligence While most drivers instinctively realize it is their duty[…] Read More

The Emotional Impact of a Car Accident

When people think about car accident injuries, they naturally focus on the physical damages. Broken bones, head trauma, whiplash, spinal cord damage, and other common motor vehicle accident injuries can keep people from working or leave them permanently impaired. The emotional impact of a car accident does not receive as much attention, even though the impact is just as devastating. Even if a person has no physical injuries, the trauma of a car accident can be long-term or permanent. While[…] Read More

Compensation After a Hit and Run Accident

A hit and run accident can leave victims with serious injuries, costly bills, and a lot of questions. When a car accident occurs, the driver who caused the accident can be held liable for the resulting injuries and damages. If the at-fault driver has left the scene, it can be more challenging to hold them accountable. The terms of your auto insurance policy will determine how much compensation you can recover for injuries and the damages done to your vehicle.[…] Read More

Tailgating Accidents

Tailgating or following another vehicle too closely is a major cause of car accidents across the country. In the event of an emergency, the tailgating car cannot stop or maneuver quickly enough to avoid rear-ending the car in front of them. New Jersey state law mandates that drivers keep one car length for every 10 miles per hour of speed between their car and the next car. Therefore, someone tailgating another vehicle in New Jersey has very little defense if[…] Read More

Liability in T-bone Car Accidents

Most people are familiar with T-bone accidents, which occur when one vehicle crashes into the side of another. Also called side-impact or broadside collisions, the aftermath can result in significant injuries and damages. Common sites for these accidents include intersections and parking lots. T-bone crash injuries are often worse than in rear-end and head-on collisions, since a car’s side may have less protection than its front or back. Injured passengers can also be trapped inside if the doors are smashed,[…] Read More

Winterize Your Car

Many parts of the country have already experienced severe winter weather this year. With the weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, significant amounts of snow and ice have descended upon areas that never had to contend with such conditions previously. To prevent being stranded somewhere on the side of a road, be sure to winterize your car by making sure your battery, wipers, tires, and fluids are in good shape. Cold Weather and Batteries It takes more energy to start a car[…] Read More

Accidents Due to Changing Lanes

In many car accidents, it can be unclear which driver is at-fault for the collision. While the damage and car positions make determining fault clear in rear-end crashes and some side-impact accidents, other common motor vehicle accidents make it much more difficult to assign blame.   Usually happening on a highway or multi-lane road, a lane-change accident occurs when one car enters an adjoining lane without regard for another car already traveling in that lane. This happens when the driver[…] Read More

Thanksgiving Driving Safety Tips

An estimated 48 million people are expected to travel over the Thanksgiving weekend this year. Almost 90 percent of these travelers will be getting to their destination by car, which means traffic will be heavy on interstates and highways.  Preplanning and preparation for the journey can ensure that travelers arrive to their destination safely. AAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have put together a list of travel tips to keep you safe over the Thanksgiving weekend. Following these[…] Read More