deadly car accident

It can be shocking to lose your loved one in a deadly car accident, but it can be even more surprising to see the kinds of bills that get left behind after crashes like these. If you believe that someone else’s negligence caused the accident and the death of your loved one, you should file a claim and pursue damages. A Monmouth County wrongful death lawyer from our firm can help you do that.

Who Can Sue For Damages After a Deadly Car Accident?

In New Jersey, the executor of the will is the one who would file the wrongful death suit after a deadly car accident. In Pennsylvania, the personal representative of the estate files the lawsuit on behalf of the family. This is usually the executor. These rules help ensure that there is less confusion and that only one wrongful death action is filed.

How Are Wrongful Death Damages Calculated?

Wrongful death damages are meant to make up for more than the economic costs of a deadly car accident. They are also supposed to address the trauma and anguish you and your family members have experienced. We can help you fight for compensation that has been calculated with the following in mind:

  • Your loved one’s funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • The deceased’s economic contribution to your household
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship or care

Can I Sue for Punitive Damages After a Deadly Car Accident?

In some cases, the behavior of the person who causes a deadly car accident is so negligent that they are also forced to pay punitive damages. As the name implies, these are meant to punish the defendant for their behavior.

Settlements that award punitive damages are rather rare, but they can be pursued in cases that involve drunk drivers or others who seemingly went out of their way to put others in danger. New Jersey caps these damages at five times the amount of compensatory damages or $350,000. Pennsylvania does not have a specific cap on punitive damages in cases involving car accidents.

How Long Do I Have to Sue After a Deadly Car Accident?

Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania give you a limited time to file a wrongful death suit. You must begin the legal process within two years of your loved one’s passing. This timer starts on the day that your loved one passes away, not on the day of the accident itself.

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