personal injury law

If you were injured in a car accident and are seeking compensation for your injuries, what is the best way to find an attorney to represent you? The first step is to get recommendations from friends or family who may know a good personal injury lawyer. If you worked with other types of lawyers, they may be able to give you recommendations as well. If you have no one to ask, there are online directories, which you can use to compile a list of names.

Do Your Research

Online research can provide you with information about each lawyer on your list, such as if they have won any awards and reviews from past clients. Be sure the lawyer does not have any record of censure or disciplinary actions from legal or ethics committees.

Interview Your Choices

Once you have finalized your list, you should meet those lawyers in person to see if you feel comfortable with them. At your first meeting, you should bring copies of all the documents pertaining to your case, such as police reports of the accident, correspondence from the insurance company, records of your medical treatment including bills, and records of any lost wages. Many personal injury lawyers will review your case free of charge, so be wary of anyone who wants to charge you for an initial consultation.

At the initial consultation, you will want to ask the following questions:

  • How long has this lawyer been practicing?
  • If this lawyer takes your case, will you be working with them or will your case be passed on to another colleague who possibly has less
    experience? You should meet anyone else who may be assigned to work on your case.
  • How much of the lawyer’s practice is devoted to personal injury cases and what percentage have they taken to trial? What type of settlements have they achieved for their clients? It is crucial that your lawyer is willing to go to trial and fight your case, if necessary. An inexperienced lawyer may try to convince you to settle for less than your case is worth.

It is also very important to discuss your goals in the interview to gain a sense of the approach the lawyer will take with your case. Is your goal to resolve things as quickly as possible or are you willing to invest time and effort to obtain the highest settlement possible? You and the lawyer you choose to represent you must agree on the strategy to see it through.

Above all else, you must be comfortable working with the person who takes your case. Just because a lawyer is highly recommended from a friend does not mean that lawyer is the right choice for you. You should have confidence about their past achievements and ability to successfully pursue your case.

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