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If a motorist is driving erratically, it could be a momentary lapse of attention, or it could be an intoxicated driver. At times, it can be hard to tell, but any driver should be aware of the primary signs of an impaired driver.

How Can I Tell if a Driver is Drunk?

Drunk driving is extremely dangerous, so it is important to know the signs of a drunk driver. Some common signs include the following:

Judgement Problems: This manifests in driving behavior as jerky or sharp turns, sudden movements, and possibly an over-correction of steering. Additionally, the driver may not be able to properly judge how far he or she is from an object.

Braking or Problems with Speed: This can include sudden braking or not braking soon enough. Some drivers may try to stop for something, like a cross walk, and end up in the middle of it. Other drivers may not be able to judge that they are braking too early. Drivers may also come to a stop at an angle that does not correspond with the roadway. Often, people who are intoxicated with alcohol will actually drive well below the speed limit.

Lack of Awareness: Often, intoxicated drivers may not notice traffic signals, or they could be driving without the headlights on. Drunk drivers usually have slow responses.

Problems with Staying in the Driving Lane:Intoxicated drivers have tendencies to drift out of lanes. Additionally, drivers under the influence may not assess turns correctly and they may go outside the normal turning radius when making turns. As a result of these miscalculations, the driver may abruptly try to straighten out the vehicle by suddenly jerking the steering wheel.

How Can I Report a Drunk Driver?

The quickest way to report a drunk driver is to dial 911 to report an emergency. In Pennsylvania, drivers can also dial *11 on turnpikes to report an intoxicated driver. It is important to think of doing this, reporting someone to the police who is endangering the lives of innocent people is crucial. Some areas will have an anonymous tip line if a driver prefers to report the person anonymously.

Often, family members or friends find themselves in bad situations where they know loved ones are habitually driving under the influence. Those who consider reporting must consider that they may be saving the lives of innocent people.

Why is it Vital to Contact a Lawyer After an Accident?

A car accident is a serious matter, especially if a drunk driver is involved. If an innocent driver is hit by an intoxicated motorist, it is important to contact a lawyer when it is feasible. There could be outstanding damage and severe injuries, which are costly. A lawyer will handle the legal circumstances so that a person can focus on recovery.

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