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Multi-vehicle car accidents can happen at any time. You may be caught in the middle of a crash, unable to stop, or at the front of a long line of cars that is involved. After the car accident, you need to know who is responsible in order to obtain compensation.

Did You Leave a Safe Stopping Distance?

One of the most important parts of any accident investigation is the stopping distance allowed by drivers involved. If you are tailgating someone and cannot stop, you could cause an accident. When it is determined that you did not leave a safe stopping distance, you could be accountable for the car accident. If someone is tailgating you and cannot stop quickly enough, he or she will be responsible.

Who Started the Accident?

The driver who starts an accident will often be held liable for an accident. Sometimes, it is quite simple to go to the back of a long line of cars to find the last one, but some accidents are not so obvious.

A driver who causes an accident, however, may be caught in the middle. Imagine a multi-vehicle crash where a driver does not leave enough stopping distance, crashes into another car, and surprises several people behind them. The guilty party could be struck by several vehicles before the crash is over.

Do You Have Eyewitnesses?

Eyewitnesses are critical because they can tell you who was the first to slam on their brakes, who was following too closely, or who was not paying attention. If other drivers claim that you started the crash, witness testimony can be used to show that you were caught in the crossfire.

It is recommended that you try to meet with eyewitnesses at the scene and obtain contact information. If possible, you may also want to bring them to the attention of the police. Police reports strengthen your evidence and will help you when you must deal with insurance companies.

How Can You Sort Out Insurance Claims?

Insurance claims can be slightly more complicated because you are dealing with multiple impacts during the crash. For example, three cars could be involved in an accident. The first car might be struck by the second car, but the third car could also push the second car into the first car.

This means that the first car was hit twice. In these cases, both the second and third driver’s insurance policies would pay for damages to the first car. This is why you need to know precisely what happened in the accident so that you understand how you may be held accountable.

After your car accident occurs and immediate injuries are tended to, it is advisable to seek immediate counsel with an experienced lawyer. A lawyer will help you determine who is responsible and will help you obtain compensation.

Monmouth County Car Accident Lawyers at the Falcon Law Firm, LLC Assist Drivers Hurt in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

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