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Each year, there are six million car accidents in the United States. Accidents happen each day, and highways are often hotspots for crashes to occur. Highways help drivers get to locations quickly, however, there are challenges that can affect safety.

What are the Dangers of Driving on the Highway?

Highways are often places where drivers go above the posted speed limits. Driving above the speed limit is concerning. If cars stop abruptly, a driver might find it difficult to stop quickly, which can lead to a rear-end accident. Driving at high speeds can also lead to more severe injuries, including spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

How Can I Avoid an Accident on the Highway?

To avoid collisions, it is important that drivers are extra cautious. There are certain tips drivers should take to avoid accidents, such as the following:

Do not text and drive. Distracted driving is dangerous on highways because of the high speeds. When a driver takes their eyes off the road for just five seconds, they have already traveled the length of an entire football field. Drivers should put their phones in the back seat. This can ultimately prevent an accident.

A driver should maintain a safe distance. This means that a driver should never tailgate another car and should avoid driving directly next to another vehicle. This can allow other drivers to pass and avoid accidents.

Drivers should be mindful of large trucks. Another tip is to be considerate of large commercial trucks on the road. Many drivers may find it frustrating to be stuck behind a large semi-trailer, however, they should still practice caution when around them. Truck drivers often have bigger blind spots and less time to brake. Therefore, a driver should always maintain a safe distance so they are seen by the truck driver.

What Happens After an Accident on a Highway?

Car accidents are not always preventable; therefore, drivers should know the steps to take after collisions happen. This can help them legally, financially, and emotionally.

The driver should check for injuries and seek medical care. After this, the driver should call emergency services to report the accident and get medical attention. This is crucial because it can provide evidence that could be useful in a personal injury claim.

Drivers and their passengers should stay as far away from the road as possible. While doing this, the driver should take photographs of property damage and the scene of the accident. Also, they should exchange information with the other driver and contact a lawyer. Contacting a lawyer helps the injured driver get compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and vehicular damage.

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