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There is no doubt that nearly all car accidents are caused by human error. However, studies show that autonomous vehicles will not eliminate car accidents completely. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), self-driving vehicles will likely only prevent a third of all motor-vehicle accidents. Fewer accidents is great; however, this study debunks the theory that driverless cars will solve car accidents entirely.

What Do Driverless Cars Fail to Detect?

Autonomous cars might eventually detect hazards better than the human eye, but they will not be able to detect everything surrounding the vehicles. Driverless vehicles may misjudge other drivers’ speeds, failing to adjust when necessary. They will also likely not be able to detect road hazards, like potholes. Finally, they may fail to avoid a crash that happens quickly. These failures may lead to disastrous consequences, including a crash that leads to injuries or fatalities.

Another concern is how a driverless car would respond to abrupt hazards. Abrupt hazards may include a pedestrian dashing in front of the vehicle quickly or a motorist that slams on the brakes. A self-driving vehicle may fail to react quickly enough to avoid an accident. This could lead a driverless car to hurt more people instead of helping people.

Are There Any Benefits to Self-Driving Cars?

As technology advances, vehicle manufacturers are adding advanced features to help drivers park, reverse, and switch lanes easier. This may lead many to wonder whether self-driving vehicles have any benefits. Fortunately, there are some benefits to autonomous vehicles.

Many accidents are caused by driver negligence and distraction. Many drivers have admitted to committing distracted driving, falling asleep at the wheel, amongst many other negligent actions. Autonomous vehicles could help eliminate some of these human errors. In fact, a study from the IIHS found that driverless vehicles can prevent accidents caused by drunk driving, drugged driving, distracted driving, and even impaired visibility, ultimately saving thousands of lives.

Since driverless vehicles feature advanced technology, it allows a vehicle to monitor its surroundings effectively. Although it is not fool-proof, it can help prevent an accident. However, autonomous vehicles have a long way to go before being released to the public.

One reason is balancing safety and a consumer’s wishes. For instance, a consumer may grow tired of a driverless vehicle that drives slowly at all times. This may lead the consumer to push for a faster car, which could be a problem for safety.

Manufacturers also need to determine how they will set up a vehicle to handle minor crimes, like slightly speeding to follow the flow of traffic. Finally, there needs to be new legislature determining who is liable in an accident.

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