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In many car accidents, it can be unclear which driver is at-fault for the collision. While the damage and car positions make determining fault clear in rear-end crashes and some side-impact accidents, other common motor vehicle accidents make it much more difficult to assign blame.

Usually happening on a highway or multi-lane road, a lane-change accident occurs when one car enters an adjoining lane without regard for another car already traveling in that lane. This happens when the driver departs their lane without properly checking their surroundings. More than a simple overstep, these accidents may result in a range of trouble from side-swipe damage to the terrifying possibility of multiple drivers losing control of their vehicles and causing a pile up.

What are the Conditions that Lead to Lane-Change Accidents?

Blind spots: Often, blind spots are the reason behind these accidents, with the driver departing their ane while thinking they are in the clear.

Driver distractions: Other times, driver distractions are to blame, such as cell phones, GPS navigation systems, or other devices. Drivers who are paying inadequate attention to their relation to other cars when they make lane changes are running the risk of causing an accident.

Driving conditions: Driving conditions such as low visibility due to weather or roadway lighting can contribute to lane change issues. Drivers should take those limitations into account when maneuvering their vehicle from one lane to another.

Reckless driving: Drivers who disregard traffic safety laws can cause these types of accidents. Drivers who exceed the speed limit overlook the regulated safe targets on any given road. These regulations consider road curvature and visibility, as well as other aspects a speeding driver is disregarding. Speeding and other reckless driving practices can lead to lane-change accidents, as other drivers may have trouble predicting the actions of a speeding driver.

DUI: Driving while under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is another way to cause a lane-change accident. Among many other possibilities for disaster that can be attributed while driving drunk or high, getting behind the wheel in such conditions can cause a driver to lack appropriate judgement when it comes to making lane changes.

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