long-term care

If you get hurt in an accident and your injuries are serious, you are going to need to learn more about your long-term care needs. Some injuries could require continued treatment for months or even years. If you plan to make a personal injury claim and sue for damages, you need to consider that. A New Jersey personal injury lawyer can help you calculate fair compensation and fight for a fair settlement offer.

Will I Need Long-Term Care After an Injury?

It’s possible. Whether you get hurt in a car accident, a slip and fall, or a work accident, the key is to get your injuries evaluated right away. You can learn more about your long-term care needs when you visit the hospital or talk to your doctors.

If your injuries prevent you from working in the same capacity or enjoying activities you took part in before the accident, then you will probably need rehabilitation. There are all types of rehab services that can help people recover in the aftermath of an accident. Physical therapy is helpful for anyone who has had their mobility affected by their injuries, while speech therapy could help someone with a brain injury with their ability to communicate.

Sometimes, a full recovery from an injury just is not possible. If you need long-term care like a home health aide, that should be accounted for when you sue for compensation. You should also think about your mental health. Adjusting to life with a serious injury can be tough, so things like therapy should be part of your long-term care plans.

Do I Need to Sue For Compensation If I Have Insurance?

Health insurance can be helpful, but it may not pay for everything. There are deductibles and out-of-pocket costs to worry about, even if you have a great insurance plan. Then you also need to worry about an insurer potentially denying a certain type of treatment. We recommend suing for compensation even if you think that your insurance coverage is enough of a safety net.

Can a Lawyer Help Me Get the Long-Term Care I Need?

Suing for this kind of compensation on your own is tough. A lawyer from our firm can help you calculate your long-term costs and what kind of compensation would be appropriate. Of course, they can also help you sue for compensation covering your other losses, like lost wages and earning potential, along with awards that make up for the psychological trauma you have experienced.

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