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Nowadays, rideshare services are convenient and popular. However, it is important that passengers stay safe while using these services. If a rideshare driver causes a car accident, they may be held liable for injuries.

How Can I Stay Safe While Using a Rideshare Service?

Some ways to stay safe while using a rideshare service include:

Waiting in a Safe Location: When giving a pick-up location, be sure to choose a place that is safe and well lit.

Confirming the Ride: The app provides information, such as car model, license plate, and the driver’s photograph to help a costumer identify the driver. A customer should also ask the driver who they are picking up to confirm that they have the right driver.

Telling a Friend: Rideshare apps now offer a feature that shares information about a trip, such as the driver’s information and a receipt.

Choosing the Seat:Sitting in the rear passenger seat gives a customer the best vantage point of the driver and the road. It is also suggested that a customer tests the doors to ensure that they are not locked.

Riding with a Friend: If possible, avoid being alone with an unknown driver. Sharing a ride with a friend is safer than riding alone.

Avoiding Impairment: Ridesharing services are popular with riders who want to avoid driving under the influence, but riding while overly intoxicated has its own risks. Keep this in mind when making arrangements for intoxicated friends as well. Track the ride and check in with them to be sure they arrived home safely.

Reporting Concerns: If anything about the ride is uncomfortable, it is important to report it, including unsafe driving behaviors.

What if My Rideshare Driver is in a Car Accident?

Although rideshare services are convenient, they are not immune to car accidents. If a customer feels that their driver is acting recklessly, they should them ask to pull over. The app even includes a feature that allows users to call 911 and report their location.

If a rideshare driver is in an accident, they could be held responsible. Rideshare drivers are required to follow the same traffic laws as other drivers. Similar to a standard car accident, one must establish that the rideshare driver is at fault.

Some rideshare services provide coverage for their drivers. The coverage initiates in certain circumstances, such as when drivers log into the app.

If a rideshare passenger is injured during a collision, they should speak to an attorney. A lawyer will collect evidence and determine if the rideshare driver or rideshare service is liable for the accident.

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