Sadly, accidents can occur at any place and time due to negligence. When someone else’s negligence leads to injuries, it can be overwhelming and frustrating as these injuries can result in physical, emotional, and financial damages that negatively impact your life. Fortunately, you can file a personal injury claim to seek monetary compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. Please continue reading to learn whether you can seek compensation for your future medical expenses in a personal injury lawsuit, and discover how a seasoned New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer can help you fight for the rightful compensation you deserve. 

Can I seek compensation for future medical expenses in a personal injury lawsuit?

In a personal injury lawsuit, future medical expenses refer to the special damages that may be awarded to victims that require additional medical care after their case has been settled. It is critical to note that not all victims will require this type of compensation. In most cases, those who have suffered minor injuries and are expected to recover quickly will not need this type of compensation because they will not need future medical care. However, those suffering catastrophic and life-altering injuries can seek compensation for their future medical expenses, as their injuries will likely require more treatments and medical care long after the personal injury claim has been resolved. Those who suffer permanent injuries can cover the cost of their ongoing medical care with this award.

How are future medical care needs calculated?

Calculating an individual’s future medical expenses can be complex as estimating the worth of something that hasn’t happened yet. However, they are typically valued based on need according to the severity and extent of the injuries. For example, suppose a victim has broken their arm in a slip-and-fall accident. They will require less ongoing medical care than someone that has suffered a traumatic brain injury or been paralyzed after a spinal cord injury. The following approaches may be used to calculate the value of an individual’s future medical expenses in a personal injury case:

  • The Additional Expense Approach. This approach is used when a victim suffers a minor injury and is expected to maintain their former lifestyle. The additional expense approach evaluates the specific costs associated with your injuries.
  • The Total Lifestyle Approach. This approach is used when a victim suffers a catastrophic injury and can no longer live independently. Essentially, their injuries prevent them from maintaining their former lifestyle. Attorneys that use this approach often work with lifecare planners and health care providers who can help determine an accurate representation of the type of long-term care they’ll need in the future due to their injuries.

In a personal injury case, you cannot seek further compensation even if you have permanent injury once a settlement has been reached. That said, it is in your best interest to contact a qualified lawyer from Falcon Law Firm today who can advocate for the maximum possible compensation for your future medical expenses.