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Car accidents can happen in a flash and can cause serious injuries. Statistics show that almost 86 percent of drivers worry about accidents with other drivers, but it may be surprising to learn that over 50 percent of traffic fatalities involve only one car.

A single-vehicle collision is a car accident where only one vehicle is affected. Just like car accidents involving two or more vehicles, single-vehicle accidents can be serious and lead to severe injuries.

What Causes Single-Vehicle Car Accidents?

Several factors can lead to a single-vehicle car accident, and one may wonder how one would be able to recover compensation for injuries and damages. In any car accident, one most likely would have to prove who is at fault and should be held liable for the costs. In single-vehicle car accidents, it is difficult to prove that another party is responsible for the accident.

Can I Collect Compensation After a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Single-vehicle car accidents normally occur due to driver error, such as distracted driving, drunk driving, or fatigue. They could have disastrous results as well, like vehicle roll-overs, swerving into the wrong lane, or going off the road, often seeing serious injuries or fatalities.

Depending on one’s car insurance coverage, one may be able to collect some compensation for damages. Some insurance companies offer options, such as comprehensive coverage or collision coverage, and they may cover property damage and injuries as well.

There are certainly outside influences that could cause a single-vehicle car accident. Factors, such as weather, can cause slippery conditions where one could overcompensate a turn. Animals can cause a driver to swerve around and lose control; the same could be said for pedestrians or bicyclists.

Even in a single-vehicle accident, one may be able to seek compensation. One may have a case if a city or municipality failed to fix a road or a pothole correctly. A driver or pedestrian could cause a motorist to unexpectedly swerve to avoid an accident.

Vehicle manufacturers or car repair facilities can also be held liable if a defect or a failed repair caused a vehicle malfunction.

Proving liability can be difficult in single-vehicle accident cases, so it is important to hire legal representation right away.

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