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Using a cellphone while behind the wheel is one of the most dangerous actions a driver can do. It is imperative that drivers choose to avoid dangerous cellphone usage because it takes their focus off of the roads. However, what happens if one witnesses a reckless distracted driver? If a motorist views a distracted driver, they have some options.

The first step is to recognize dangerous distracted driving behaviors. A motorist should be on the lookout for odd changes in speed, drifting between lanes, or if a driver fails to resume driving after a light turns green.

Most importantly, a motorist should steer clear of any driver that is acting erratically. If they are distracted, they may pose a real danger to anyone in the vicinity. Keep some distance by driving ahead of the vehicle, or slow down and let the car pass.

If it can be done safely, try to make note of important information, such as the color, make, model of the car, and license plate number. Use this information to make a report to law enforcement. A driver should make a report with a hands-free, voice-activated device. In New Jersey, witnesses can report aggressive or distracted driving by dialing #77, which is a handy resource for motorists when they are able to safely use phones.

What Should I Remember When Making a Report?

It is important to refrain from distracted driving when making a report. A passenger may be the best person to handle the task, but if that is impossible, a driver attempting to offer information about a distracted driver should pull over to a safe place before making the call.

When someone suspects that a driver is distracted, they should not get close to the motorist to make sure. They should not go out of their way to collect incriminating information.

When Should I Speak to a Lawyer?

Phones and other electronics are among the newest distractions, but other risky driving behaviors include eating or drinking, looking away from the road, and noisy passengers. All distractions should be avoided while driving. If a person is hit by a distracted driver, they may be eligible for compensation. A helpful lawyer will be able to assist with a personal injury claim so that one can focus on recovery.

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