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One of the most dramatic scenes that result from a car accident is a car fire. When a car goes up in flames in a movie, the reason is often a high-speed chase and a catastrophic collision, but in real life, a car fire can occur as a result of a seemingly minor event. Car fires can happen even in the absence of an intense car accident.

What Causes Car Fires?

When a car catches on fire, it usually involves its fuel coming in contact with a spark or an extreme heat source. It is true that the gas tank is one obvious source of combustible material that is commonly found in cars and other vehicles. While the contents of the gas tank are sure to add to the fire once it starts, it is not always the initial cause of the blaze. There are many other possible causes for car fires.

Car accidents: Car fires often take place after an accident. A vehicle collision can be enough to expose the car’s fuel or fluids to a spark that can set off a fire under the hood. Even an undetected leak from a damaged gas tank can be enough of a catalyst to set off an engulfing fire.

Flammable materials: Automobiles use gasoline, but there are other flammable substances that can ignite and cause a car fire. Some materials that can start a fire include engine oil, transmission fluid, brake and steering fluids. In other cases, the car may be transporting a flammable item that can become damaged and ignite in a crash. Combustible fumes may also be the source of a car fire.

Electrical system malfunction: A spark from the car’s electrical system may be involved in starting a car fire.

Poor vehicle design: A car fire can start if the gas tank becomes dislodged in a collision. Sometimes, that can be the result of design flaws that should have been addressed by the car’s manufacturer. The manufacturer may have made a mistake in production of the vehicle that left the fuel system prone to catching fire.

What Should I do if I am faced with a Car Fire?

If you are in a car that starts to produce smoke, you should treat it like a possible car fire. Pull over safely to the side of the road, turn the car off, and get out of the car. Move away from the vehicle as there is a possibility that the car may explode. Call 911 to get first responders on the scene.

After you are safe, it is advisable to contact an attorney. An experienced lawyer will help you determine if the fire was caused by an auto defect or design flaw.

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