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Every car insurance policy has a limit. If you get into an accident and your expenses are higher than the at-fault driver’s policy limits, then where can you get the extra money that you need to pay for your medical bills? The answer is underinsured motorist coverage. This can kick in when someone else’s policy cannot pay your bills in full. A Monmouth County car accident lawyer can help you navigate the claims process and hold other drivers accountable for their negligence.

Is Underinsured Motorist Coverage Mandatory?

Underinsured motorist coverage is a necessity in New Jersey, but the mandatory minimum amount that you must carry is actually quite low. You can have just $5,000 in uninsured and underinsured driver coverage if you wish.

If having more coverage would give you peace of mind, that should be an option with your policy. Remember, the more coverage you have the more of a cushion you have in case of a serious accident. No one wants to think too hard about the possibility of them and their passengers getting injured in a car crash, but being prepared for such an event can make a big difference.

Do I Need Underinsured Motorist Coverage If I Have Health Insurance?

You may think that you do not need underinsured motorist coverage if you are covered by health insurance. If the other driver’s policy leaves me with medical bills, your health insurer can pay them, right? This may be true, but we recommend considering a few things before relying on your health insurance:

  • Do you have a deductible you would be stuck paying?
  • Could your insurer deny your claim?
  • What happens if you have passengers?
  • Will your passengers have health insurance?

If there are passengers in your car at the time of the crash, they might have injuries that the other driver’s insurance cannot pay for. If you do not have substantial underinsured motorist coverage and your passengers have no health insurance of their own, they could be looking at some serious expenses.

Can I Still Sue For Compensation After an Accident?

In most cases, you will end up having to sue for damages before your own underinsured coverage can pay out. You will need to receive a settlement up to the maximum amount that the other driver’s policy will allow. Then you can make your claim on your own insurance policy.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

There are many benefits to having a lawyer on your side during this process. Your lawyer can:

  • Talk to insurance companies for you
  • Gather evidence
  • Build a case against a negligent driver
  • Defend you from accusations of wrongdoing
  • Calculate fair compensation
  • Answer your questions about the legal process

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