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A driver isn’t the only one who can help cause a car accident. In some cases, the road conditions near the crash can end up being a big factor in a personal injury case. If you were harmed in an accident and believe that someone else’s negligence made the road more dangerous, then you should talk to a Monmouth County car accident lawyer.

What Kinds of Road Conditions Can Lead to Car Accidents?

Many types of road conditions can help contribute to car accidents. You have to worry about:

Weather: Snow and rain can make roads slippery, making it easier for cars to crash into each other especially if anyone is speeding. Storms and fog can make it harder to see what’s ahead of you.

Poor road design: Dangerous intersections, poorly marked lanes, and a lack of signage can all contribute to a crash.

Road damage: Hitting a pothole or crack in the road can cause a driver to lose a little bit of control, and that can be enough to hit another vehicle.

Debris: If there was road work earlier, some debris that was left behind could cause drivers to swerve and crash.

Can Someone Be Blamed For Bad Road Conditions?

In some of the cases above, there could be a clear culprit. You can’t sue a snowstorm, but a construction company that doesn’t clean up after itself? That’s a potentially liable party.

The government also has a responsibility to keep the roads safe. If it knows that a design flaw or damage to the road has made things unsafe for motorists, it is supposed to act. If no action is taken, then the town, city, or state could end up a party in your lawsuit.

Can I Sue Multiple Parties After Getting Hurt in an Accident?

We said “a party” because there can be multiple parties in a case like this. You can sue a negligent driver and a party that caused the dangerous road conditions, whether that is a construction company or a government agency.

We do want to note one important thing though. If you decide to sue the government, you must act fast. You must submit a claim and tell the government that you intend to sue within 90 days of the crash.

What Kinds of Damages Can I Win in a Car Accident Case?

When you sue for damages in a car accident case, you should not just be reimbursed for the economic costs of your accident. A fair compensation offer also addresses how the accident will continue to affect you and any pain and suffering you experience. It should make up for:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain from disability or disfigurement

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