Patrick L. Falcon, Esq. Nominated to the Trucking Trial Lawyers Association

The Falcon Law Firm, LLC is excited to announce that Patrick L. Falcon has been nominated to the National Trial Lawyers Association under Top 10 Trucking Trial Lawyers. The Trucking Trial Lawyers Association is a professional organization composed of the top 10 attorneys from each state who serve clients needing a trucking accident lawyer. To be considered for this invitation-only top 10 position, trucking lawyers must exemplify superior leadership skills, retain positive reputations in their community, and exhibit honorable performances in their[…] Read More

$1.3 Million Win for the Falcon Law Firm, LLC

The Falcon Law Firm, LLC is excited to announce a recent win within our accomplished law group. Congratulations to Patrick L. Falcon and Alexander R. DeSevo for securing a $1.3 million dollar settlement for the victim of a tractor trailer accident. The case involved a woman that was struck by a large tractor trailer, causing her to have severe back and neck injuries. The surgery exhibit boards demonstrated the severity of her injuries. The plaintiff underwent back and neck surgeries[…] Read More

What to Do When You See a Drunk Driver

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly a third of all traffic deaths are caused by drunk drivers. That means the chance of encountering a drunk driver is alarmingly high, so knowing what to do when you see a drunk driver could be lifesaving. Identifying a Drunk Driver Clues that a driver might be drunk include erratic driving, such as swerving, weaving, and tailgating, quick acceleration or sudden braking, drifting across lanes, slow response time to traffic signals,[…] Read More

Negligent Drivers

When a car accident happens, there is often one party that is clearly at-fault. Negligence must be addressed when trying to prove that one party is at-fault for the car accident. When a driver is negligent, they are evading their duty to conduct themselves in a responsible manner while driving on public roadways. A responsible driver should take all proper precautions to operate their vehicle safely and obey traffic laws. Negligence While most drivers instinctively realize it is their duty[…] Read More

A Message to Our Customers About Coronavirus COVID-19:

A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19:

At Falcon Law Firm, LLC, we view the safety and well-being of our clients, staff and business partners as our highest priority.

The situation regarding the COVID-19 virus is continually changing, and we are following all recommended guidelines to stay healthy.

Currently, our law firm is remaining open to serve your legal needs.

We are happy to arrange for phone or video consultations should you have any concerns about keeping your scheduled appointments with us. We are also able to exchange documents via secure drives or email.

Should you have any concerns regarding an upcoming meeting with us, please contact us online or call 732-876-9648.

Thank you and take care.