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An individual’s car might be towed for several reasons, such as a car accident or a parking ticket. No matter the reason, vehicular damage could occur during the time the towing company has the car. In situations like this, the car’s owner may wonder who is liable for the vehicular damage.

What Kind of Damage Can Occur During a Tow?

When a tow company is towing a car, they have a duty to protect the vehicle they are attempting to move and properly secure. Sometimes, the vehicle being towed is mechanically or cosmetically damaged during a tow and is in need of careful handling in order to be retrieved safely. If careful precautions are not taken while being towed, the vehicle may sustain damage to the bumper, tires, windshield, or other locations.

Who is Liable if My Car is Damaged While Being Towed?

Depending on which state the victim lives in, a lawsuit may not be practical. This is because the burden of proof is on the owner of the vehicle. To help the success of a case, it is important for a victim to take all the necessary steps to keep track of the state of their vehicle. These steps may include taking photos of the vehicle before a tow and listing the damage.

However, if the towing company does an illegal act while towing the car, this could lead to the company being liable. An important thing to consider is whether the car was subjected to improper towing. If the victim can prove that the towing company’s negligence led to the damage, they can hold the towing company liable; however, this may be difficult to do without a lawyer.

What Should I Do After I Find Damage?

After a victim identifies damage on their vehicle, it is important to report the damage directly to the company that handled the towing of their vehicle. Victims should inspect their vehicle prior to signing any paperwork releasing the vehicle to its owner. Towing companies often inspect vehicles prior to towing them in order to identify any pre-existing damage. If damage is found by an owner after their vehicle is towed, checking with the company’s paperwork might identify the state of the vehicle prior to being towed.

A victim might be able to report any damage to their insurance company. Some towing damages might be covered by an insurance company’s collision coverage. Victims should also contact a lawyer for cases that involve serious vehicular damage. It may be difficult to prove that a towing company damaged a vehicle; therefore, an experienced lawyer can be helpful for victims seeking financial compensation.

Monmouth County Car Accident Lawyers at the Falcon Law Firm, LLC Hold Negligent Towing Companies Accountable for Vehicular Damage

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