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A repetitive stress injury can be caused by any kind of repeated action, and the pain from one can stick around for a long time. It’s easy to develop this kind of injury while you are working, so some workers try to seek out workers’ compensation. Employers and insurers don’t always make this easy though. Sometimes you need the assistance of a Monmouth County workers’ compensation lawyer.

How Can a Repetitive Stress Injury Develop?

If you repeat the same action each and every day with few breaks, you are putting yourself at risk for developing this kind of injury. A common issue these days is how much time many workers spend typing. It’s easy to develop carpal tunnel syndrome that way.

Office workers aren’t the only ones at risk. Anyone who performs repetitive tasks can end up with a repetitive stress injury. Construction workers who use power tools, decorators who have to handle small objects dexterously, and barbers or hairdressers who have to perform similar actions over and over again can all find themselves with these kinds of injuries.

Which Body Parts Are Often Affected by a Repetitive Stress Injury?

Many body parts and joints can end up getting injured in this way. Common problem areas include:

  • Wrists
  • Forearms
  • Fingers
  • Hands
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Different parts of the back

These injuries can cause a lot of pain, but they can also cause other sensations like numbness, cramping, and stiffness.

Can a Repetitive Stress Injury Cause More Health Issues?

Left untreated, these injuries can also cause additional health issues. Some people end up with herniated disks, nerve compression syndromes, bursitis, and other health problems, all because of a seemingly minor work injury. If you suspect that you have a repetitive stress injury or that one is developing, you need to address it as soon as you can.

How Can I Treat My Injury?

There are treatments for these kinds of injuries, but it can take a while to find one that works for your particular repetitive stress injury. Common solutions include:

  • Steroid injections
  • Compression
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery

Diagnosing and treating one of these injuries can be expensive. This is why many people who develop such medical issues on the job think about applying for workers’ compensation.

Can I Apply For Workers’ Compensation?

You can tell your employer about your problem and they should report it to their workers’ comp insurer. This insurer can then deny or accept your claim. Repetitive stress injuries can be tough because an insurance company is quick to say that you developed the injury elsewhere, somewhere outside of work. A lawyer from our firm may be able to help you if you have to appeal their decision.

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