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A new season can bring new driving dangers along with it, but you can stay safer by just being aware of some of the most common risks. If you do your best to stay safe and someone else causes an accident with the help of some of these spring road hazards, you may have legal options. A Monmouth County car accident lawyer can tell you if you have the case.

What Are Some Common Spring Road Hazards?

There are a few spring road hazards that you should always be on the lookout for. Potential dangers can include:

Potholes: The winter weather helps create potholes, and when they get big enough they can be serious hazards. Hitting them at a high enough speed can damage your car, but it can also cause you to lose complete control over your vehicle. That can easily result in a crash.

Road work: Someone has to fix these potholes, right? Road work often means lane closures, the presence of heavy equipment, and less space to maneuver. This can make accidents more likely, especially if other drivers do not heed the speed limit warnings.

Rain and hail: The spring season can mean more storms that create slick roads and hurt your visibility. Take it slow when it’s actually raining and give other drivers more space when the roads are slippery.

Animals: The warmer weather can convince more animals to come out of hiding. Big animals like deer can cause major damage to your vehicle, and swerving around animals in the road can easily lead to a crash.

What Should I Do If One of These Spring Road Hazards Causes a Crash?

You should start gathering evidence and building a case as soon as the accident occurs. We recommend:

  • Getting the cars pulled over to a safe location
  • Taking photos of the damaged vehicles, the accident scene, and the hazard that contributed to the accident
  • Exchanging info with other involved drivers
  • Calling the cops so that they can make a report
  • Getting medical care as soon as possible

Can I Sue Another Driver If a Spring Road Hazard Contributed to an Accident?

Yes, you can sue if you believe that someone else caused the accident. Even if there was a hazard involved, drivers still have to behave responsibly. If someone was speeding and tailgating on a rainy day, sure the rain helped cause the crash. Ultimately, it was the driver’s bad behavior that put everyone in danger though.

Meet With a Personal Injury Attorney

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